UGGO Resort

Accommodation and Racetrack
Ukkohalla in Hyrynsalmi

UGGO Villa

There is only one UGGO Villa in the world

UGGO Villa is a luxurious accommodation in Ukkohalla for unique adventure – you have to experience it to believe it!

This modern luxury villa is located in Hyrynsalmi, right next to the services and activities of Ukkohalla. If you feel like it, you even can ski right up to the doorstep!

Destination Yamaha, Private Racetrack

UGGO Resort is also Destination Yamaha

The global Destination Yamaha concept has arrived in Finland. Our private racetrack near Ukkohalla and UGGO Villa in Hyrynsalmi offers speed and excitement in a safe environment. When driving Yamaha’s brand new Side-by-Side sport vehicles, your mind remains light even when your foot on the pedal is heavy.

Get to know the premises of UGGO Villa

Luxurious and modern accommodation for up to 12 people

The luxury cottage UGGO Villa, located on the shores of Lake Syväjärvi, is the perfect home base for your adventures. You can use the private pier to go for a swim, or even take a dip in a hole in the ice in the winter! If the arctic cold isn’t to your liking, you can instead take a dip in the hot tub found on the terrace of the sauna.

UGGO Villa, UGGO Villa, a holiday cottage in Ukkohalla

Experience the brilliance of the midnight sun at UGGO Villa

Experience the brilliance of the midnight sun at UGGO Villa, amid the breathtaking scenery of Ukkohalla. Take a dip in the fresh waters of Lake Syväjärvi, wander around the ageless, tree-covered hills, or take a bath in the sauna. Forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Discover your nature at UGGO.

The Engine is You

UGGO Resort – when you want to feel the thrill of adventure

UGGO Resort is full of opportunities and experiences. Together with our partners, we can tailor your holiday to suit your exact needs. 

Location and arrival

UGGO Resort is located in Hyrynsalmi, right next to Ukkohalla

UGGO Resort is located amid the hills and woods of Kainuu, in Hyrynsalmi, next to the Ukkohalla Ski Resort. Those coming here by car don’t have to worry about congested roads, even though the trip may sometimes take a bit longer because of the reindeer using the same roads. But that’s life in a reindeer husbandry area. 

UGGO Resort kartta


Nature demands responsibility and sustainability

Even though we love speed and engines, petrol isn’t the only thing coursing through our veins. Our affinity for these things is all the more reason for us to do right by the environment.

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