UGGO is about integrity

Here at UGGO, peace of mind and the richness of nature are at the heart of all our operations. We strive to be a company with integrity. This means that we also want to do our part for a clean, healthy environment and nature. We stand firmly on our own two feet and take sure steps towards a sustainable future.

Both UGGO Villa and the racetrack buildings are heated with geothermal energy. We have also used natural and recycled materials and local labor in UGGO Villa’s construction and decoration. We are constantly developing and improving our operations while adhering to the Sustainable Tourism Development Plan. We are always looking for better solutions, and in the future, we will invest in electric vehicles, among other things. We strive for transparency in all of our operations.

In addition to developing ourselves, we also offer our guests a unique opportunity to get in touch with nature. By advising and helping people find their own experience of nature, we can also help others appreciate what nature is really about – strength, freedom and peace.