Location and arrival


UGGO Resort is located amid the beautiful tree-covered hills of Kainuu

Your holiday starts as soon as you close the front door of your house. Whether you’re coming to UGGO by car, train or plane, the journey is part of the experience. The trip from the Kajaani Airport to UGGO Villa, for example, is like driving through a beautiful painting. This journey to discover your nature is a feast for both the soul and the senses.


UGGO Resort is located 90 km north of Kajaani, 170 km east of Oulu and 180 km south of Kuusamo. The distance from Helsinki is roughly around 650 km. The easiest way to get there is by car, train or plane. Whether you need a car ride from the station or a private plane, we will help you reach your destination.


UGGO Resort’s location right in the heart of Ukkohalla guarantees that everything you need is close by

The tourist center on the shores of Lake Syväjärvi provides information about the region and features a shop, restaurant, spa, bowling alley and all kinds of program and events. In the summer, visitors come here to enjoy the wakeboarding track and disc golf course, a total of 170 km of mountain bike trails and the beach; in the winter, they come here because of the ski resort and its slopes, the snowmobile trails and the cross-country skiing tracks.


The magnificent nature of Ukkohalla is especially inviting for hikers and fishers. For more information, visit www.ukkohalla.fi. Lauttakylä in Hyrynsalmi is home to Komulanköngäs, a rare segmented waterfall, and the Hepoköngäs Nature Reserve and its waterfalls are about 30 kilometers away.

Distances to the nearest services:

  • Kajaani: airport, train station,
    bus service 90 km
  • Oulu: airport, train station,
    bus service 179 km
  • Kuusamo: bus service 180 km
  • Suomussalmi 18 km
  • Hyrynsalmi: grocery store, Alko,
    electric car charging point 16 km
  • Ukkohalla’s services 200 m


By car

The drive to Ukkohalla is filled with spectacular scenery. Drive all the way across the country and experience the exhilarating freedom of the road trip. You can also add a car ride to your train or plane trip by renting a car at the Oulu Airport, the Oulu Train Station or the Kajaani Airport, for example.


Kajaani – UGGO Resort 90 km
Kuopio – UGGO Resort 260 km
Oulu – UGGO Resort 170 km
Helsinki – UGGO Resort 650 km


By train

We recommend taking the energy-efficient and environmentally friendly train to get to Ukkohalla. Several train services run to Kajaani every day, and you can rent a car or take a taxi to get you there the rest of the way. You can also take a car-carrier train to Oulu, as it takes only about 2 hours to drive to the Ukkohalla Ski Resort from there. For more information about the car-carrier train and train timetables, visit www.VR.fi.


By plane

Finnair operates the Helsinki-Kajaani route six days a week and the Helsinki-Oulu route every day of the week. Renting a car or hiring a taxi to get to the resort from the airport is easy.